Evolved Seafood Inc. offers Consulting Services for interested parties. Our staff includes marine biologists, renewable energy specialists, food sector experts, and engineers. We commonly consult for companies wishing to explore new uses for traditional aquaculture systems that are being challenged by today’s dynamic business environments.

Hyper-intensive seafood production systems Most seafood in the future will be produced in modern production systems located near urban areas. Shrimp, fish, and various other aquatic organisms are now being successfully cultured in hyper-intensive environments. Some Evolved Seafood Inc. staff members have more than 40 years experience managing these types of systems, as well as deep knowledge and understanding of the mechanical/biological processes that allow them to function properly.

Leading-edge Aquaculture There have been many serious efforts to successfully produce micro-algaes on a large scale, in order to produce certain end products – namely biofuel. These efforts have mostly failed because of limitations on system design and management. Some Evolved Seafood Inc. staff members have more than 35 years experience in growing algae, and control key technology in areas of water filtration, sterilization and life-support systems which have the potential to provoke paradigm changes in the industry.

Modern technology Evolved Seafood has expertise in modern renewable energy, water desalination, and other modern technologies that affect how the production of seafood and other products can be improved.

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