We grow your favorite seafood inside totally enclosed, climate-controlled structures.

Shrimp, fish and lobster are grown year-round and delivered to your favorite markets and restaurants every day of the year, thus insuring that your seafood is FRESH and has NEVER been frozen. You will know the difference between our products and all others as soon as you taste it!

Our high quality water is constantly filtered and monitored and it is regularly certified to be free of any and all impurities, chemicals, toxins, foreign or unnatural substances. Try asking this question about “wild” or imported farmed products from other sources. You might not really want to know their answers.

Our animals are selected and bred from the best stocks in the world, are not GMO, nor are they unnaturally altered in any way.

The feed we use is made from the most sustainable ingredients that can be found on earth, algaes grown in clean undisturbed ponds and other similar ingredients. Our special feed is what gives our products a special, unique flavor.

The buildings where our seafood is grown use green energy wherever possible. We never discharge water from our systems. We transport our products to town using the cleanest fuels possible. This is the seafood with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

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